Shallows Cold Brew

Shallows Cold Brew Coffee - 750ml

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750ml/15 x Serves per bottle

Using roasted coffee beans from Australian Coffee Specialists, Social Espresso Coffee Roasters. Our Cold Brew Coffee is a super smooth coffee concentrate full of flavour, naturally sweet, antioxidant rich, low in acidity and free of additives and preservatives.

Perfect for all moods and occasions! Mix with your choice of milk or water and enjoy over ice. Alternatively, blend into smoothies, cocktails, use in cooking, or even have it hot when the weather gets chilly.The possibilities are endless. 

Ingredients: Purely organic coffee and filtered water 

Serving Suggestion: 

Black 1 part cold brew 1 part cold or hot water
Milk of choice 1 part cold brew 2 parts milk


Refrigerated Shelf-Life: 

  • 14 days once opened
  • 8 weeks un-opened

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