Shallows Cold Brew Coffee

How it's made...

Shallows Cold Brew Coffee is made simply from ground coffee beans and filtered water.

Our specialty coffee beans come from Social Espresso Coffee Roasters who are located on Australia's Gold CoastThe organic beans have been sourced from three different regions of Colombia – San Rafael, Concordia and Santander. Our particular blend has been expertly combined and carries notes of sweet milk chocolate with a malt and caramel finish.

Our Cold Brew is made using an 'Immersion' process. The coffee grounds are steeped overnight, before they undergo a triple filtration process. This simple method helps to create a rich and smooth coffee concentrate. Full of flavour, naturally sweet, antioxidant rich, low in acidity, free of additives and preservatives. Most importantly, it's ready to be enjoyed! 

How to enjoy it...          

  • Neat 
  • Over ice
  • Warmed/Heated up 
  • With your choice of milk
  • With coconut water
  • Smoothies
  • Ice-cream topping
  • Cooking/Recipes 
  • Espresso Martinis!


       There are endless ways to enjoy our Cold Brew Coffee. Share your favourite recipes with us @shallowscoldbrew